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Lifetime IFA Mortgages About Lifetime IFA

Welcome to Lifetime-IFA. We are independent financial advisors (IFAs) dedicated to giving our clients the very best financial advice possible. When choosing an Independent financial advisor to work with you to help achieve your financial planning goals you need to ensure your IFA can understand your needs’ and objectives and has the knowledge to provide suitable advice.

We advise on all areas of financial advice and are independent, meaning we have access to the whole market and are not restricted.

Some of the fields we advise in are:

Feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment with an IFA or for more information.

Financial Services Why Choose Lifetime IFA

  • We act honestly and with integrity
  • We provide a personal service for you
  • We are qualified with a highly experienced team supporting our advice
  • We are reliable; we do what we say we will do
  • We are open and upfront about our fees; no hidden fees or surprises charges

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Mortgage Advice

Mortgage Advice

Equity Release

Equity Release

Pension Drawdown

Pension Drawdown

Pension Advice

Pension Advice

Investment Advice

Investment Advice

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax Planning

Lifetime IFA News

Excellent Financial Advisor

Receive expert Financial advice from an Independent Financial Advisor.


Financial Advisor

Seeking professional advice from a financial advisor could be the difference between enjoying retirement and surviving retirement.


Independent Pension Advice

For independent pension advice speak to an IFA at Lifetime IFA


Independent Financial Adviser

Independent Financial Advice from an independent financial adviser ensures you get the best financial advice for your future.



IFA’s or Independent Financial Advisers provide financial advice and have access to investment, insurance and mortgage products from the whole market.

To speak to an IFA, contact Lifetime IFA today


Looking for Financial Advice?

Lifetime IFA provides independent financial advice so if you are looking to review your pension or investments speak to an adviser at Lifetime IFA


Financial Advisor Providing Independent Financial Advice

For independent financial advice speak to one of our financial advisors. Whether it's pension or retirement planning, investment advice or inheritance tax planning we have access to the whole market and our specialist knowledge means we can help.


"Excellent" Financial Adviser

We are proud to be "Excellent" financial advisers as rated by Vouched For this month.

For excellent advice from an excellent financial adviser speak to Lifetime IFA


Independent Pension Advice

If you're looking for independent pension advice from an independent financial adviser then give us a call today.


Final Salary Pension Transfers for Bank Staff

If you were a member of Lloyds Bank Pension Scheme, UBS Pension Scheme, Barclays Pension Scheme, NatWest Pension Scheme, HSBC Pension Scheme, RBS Pension Scheme, HBOS Pension Scheme, COOP Pension Scheme, Standard Chartered Pension, Abbey National Pension, Nationwide Pension or the Scottish Widows Final Salary Pension Scheme we are happy to help transfer if its in your best interest.


Independent Financial Advice

Independent financial advice from an independent financial adviser in your area


Looking for an IFA?

If you're looking for an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) then give us a call today!


Pension Advice

Review your pensions and make sure they will provide for your retirement


Do you know someone looking for an Independent Financial Adviser

If you know someone looking for independent financial advice with a regulated adviser then you could be rewarded with a referral reward if anyone you introduce becomes a client.

Are you looking for a financial adviser yourself? feel free to give us a call and speak with a financial adviser straight away!


Pension Transfer Financial Adviser

We have partnered with an excellent pension transfer provider so we can help you evaluate whether it is in your best interest to transfer from your current final salary or defined benefit pension scheme.


Financial Adviser

We will be closed this afternoon for our financial adviser Christmas lunch. Apologies for any inconvenience, if you leave a message a financial adviser will respond on Monday


Inheritance Tax Planning with a Financial Advisor

We've had quite a few inheritance tax enquiries recently which has prompted me to post a blog post with the ins and outs of inheritance tax. Keep an eye out for the blog, I'll post the address up here shortly. If in the mean time you are looking for inheritance tax advice feel free to give us a call.


Pension Drawdown Review

Rather than purchase an annuity, you may be able to drawdown accumulated funds in your pension to provide an income that can be tailored to your needs in retirement. This is called pension drawdown. The pension freedoms act made this much easier for people. If you have questions about drawdown and your pension feel free to speak to one of our advisors and get a free pension drawdown review.


Free Pension Review

No doubt your pension has increased substantially these last 6 months, with many commentators saying the pound has hit its floor the FTSE 100 is unlikely to continue making such vast gains.

Is your pension plan ready for the future?

Are your retirement plans on track? Will they stay on track?

Speak to our pension advisor for a free pension review and get the advice you need.


Independent Pension Advice

Some of our most recent clients' that haven't had financial advice for a long time seem to have suffered from really poor investment performance compared to the success of clients' who have had their portfolios managed.

It is amazing to see the difference between clients' who keep up to date with their financial plans and pension planning through an independent financial adviser and those who haven't.

With significant changes likely to happen to the State pension, no one can afford not to take their retirement planning seriously.

If you haven't had your financial plan reviewed recently or think you might benefit from a second opinion then feel free to give Lifetime IFA a call.


Financial Advice for Job movers

If you have recently changed job or career it is really important to review your existing pension scheme to see if they are providing a good return for you.

Many clients we speak to have old pension schemes that are forgotten about and with some good advice could probably have increased in value a lot more than they have.

For a free initial first meeting call Lifetime IFA. You will get independent financial advice and a great service.


Independent Financial Advisor Update

Sustainable Retirement Planning

The subject of retirement planning isn't usually the most riveting, unless of course you are a financial advisor! By having a sustainable retirement plan, a plan that is sustainable for the client or investor as well as sustainable in terms of assets the fund invests you can quite excited about it. Not only are you contributing to your individual future but you can also be contributing to the future of our environment.

Ethical investing is much more than most people think it is.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your own sustainable retirement plan with a financial adviser.


Sustainable, Ethical and Responsible Investing

We had a fantastic meeting at the Quilter Cheviot offices in London yesterday!

The meeting was focused on sustainable, ethical and responsible investing and was really interesting.

If you would like to invest in ethical or sustainable companies give me a call and I will be happy to help.

If you have an aversion to investing in cigarette or alcohol production, weapons companies, animal testing or modern slavery, child exploitation and sweatshops, then ethical investments could well be suitable for you.

Returns and growth can be excellent too. Call us for more information.


Independent Financial Adviser Brexit Update

Chancellor George Osborne is to cut corporation tax from 20 per cent to less than 15 per cent in an attempt to win back investors’ business confidence following the Brexit vote.

Osborne says Britain must show the world it is “still open for business” and outlined a new five-point plan to build a “super competitive economy” with low business taxes and a global focus, the chancellor told the Financial Times.

He says: “We must focus on the horizon and the journey ahead and make the most of the hand we’ve been dealt.”

The sharp cut in the levy will bring the UK close to the 12.5 per cent corporation tax rate currently applied in Ireland.

Other plans include a new push for investment from China, ensuring support for bank lending, focusing on investments in the Northern powerhouse and maintaining the UK’s fiscal credibility.

Last week, the chancellor abandoned his target of turning the UK’s budget deficit into a surplus by 2020 because of the expected “negative economic shock” for the UK after the referendum result.

Osborne says the UK is facing a “very challenging time” and urged the Bank of England to do whatever it can to avoid “a contraction of credit in the economy”.

The BoE will publish the results of its Financial Policy Committee meeting on Tuesday.

Since the Brexit vote result the FTSE 100 fell from 6338 to 6138 and has now risen to 6522.


Financial Advisor Budget Review

Are your financial plans still on track after Budget 2016?

There are likely to have been a number of key announcements in this Budget that could have a bearing on your current and future financial plans.

To review what action you may be required to take to keep your plans on track, please contact us. As Independent Financial Advisers we are sure to be of help.


Financial Advisor Makes Pension Advice Simple

Last week the Chief Economist at the Bank of England admitted to not being able to make the remotest sense of pensions.

At Lifetime IFA we are passionate about helping our clients understand their financial products. Some products can be complex but they can be understood clearly with a good financial advisor helping.

We make our advice as simple or as complex as each individual client wants so feel free to call us today and we'll be happy to help.


Financial Advisor Update

Have you thought about paying off your mortgage early?

With mortgage rates at continued lows is it worth overpaying your mortgage? Or is it better to invest?

Speak with a financial advisor to find out what is best for you.


Pension Advice with a Financial Advisor

When was the last time you had your pension reviewed? Or your retirement plan looked at?

If you haven't spent any time with a financial advisor in the last 12 months, you really should!

Feel free to give us a call and we can review your pension provision along with your other financial matters.

All first meetings are at our cost and we offer an independent, no obligation service.


Financial Advisor (IFA) on Unbiased

We are now featuring on Unbiased, feel free to visit our page at:


Independent Financial Advice

The new tax year is a great opportunity to review monthly and annual household budgets for savings and investments. With the annual ISA allowance at £15,240 you could save up to £1,270 per month.

For a pro bono consultation feel free to give Lifetime IFA a call on 01803 616 794


Pension Advice

Looking for an expert, flexible approach to managing your retirement wealth?

Our retirement planning process is structured for your success. It takes clear goals, a well-executed strategy and the ability to move fast in order to achieve retirement success. This is what we offer our clients in through our retirement planning process.

To find out more, please contact one of our advisors.


Inheritance Tax Planning


After a lifetime of hard work, you want to make sure you protect as much of your wealth as possible and pass it onto the right people. Inheritance Tax planning is about more than just tax. It is about making sure the people left behind are financially supported and that your assets are protected. To arrange a consultation with one of our advisers, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Wealth Management

Looking to mitigate tax, invest more tax-efficiently or preserve your wealth for future generations?

Creating and maintaining the right approach to your wealth preservation plays a vital role in securing your financial future. Whether you are looking to mitigate tax, invest more tax-efficiently or preserve your wealth for future generations, we can provide the quality advice for you, comprehensive solutions and ongoing service to help you achieve your financial goals.

Feel free to give one of our financial advisors a call on 0800 0149 370